Section 1

Basic information

First things first.
Are you male or female?
I'm a male
I'm a female

An apple a day, or no way? On average, how many servings of fruit and veggies do you eat per day? (One serving = one cup of raw leafy vegetables or a medium sized apple)
What are your stats? Choose your age, height and weight.

How do you keep your physique? First select how many hours you exercise for in a week. Then select all of the activities you do. (You can select more than one activity.)


What is your residential postal code?
I am not a South African resident
What do you call home sweet home?


Single or settled down? What’s your relationship status?
How many kids call you mom or dad?


How do you get around town? Tick all the types of transport you regularly use.
I walk
By bicycle
By motorbike
By car
I use public transport
What colour is your car?
As a driver, how many motor vehicle accidents have you had in the last 5 years?
How many times have you been fined in the last 12 months?
How many kilometres do you travel in an average week? (air travel doesn’t count)

Are any of the following true about you?
Tick all those that apply.(If none apply tick that option. If you would rather not say tick that option.)
I sometimes use a cellphone, other than with a hands-free kit, while driving
I sometimes drive within 3 hours of consuming an alcoholic drink
I sometimes drive with my blood-alcohol limit close to or over the legal limit
I own a gun
I am or have been blacklisted
None of the above
I would rather not say

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